Farment™ makes artisanal fermented vegetables from organic vegetables grown locally. These are carefully crafted from seed to sale, committed to deliciousness, delectability, and strengthening the northern Arizona foodshed.

The Weekly Pickle is coming to northern Arizona!
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The Weekly Pickle is:

A pint of fermented vegetables every week from late June through early November. As I harvest from the farm, I “farment” and deliver to a local drop point for you to pick up.

Email Bekah for more information.

In 2015, Farment™ made and distributed:


  • cultured sugar snap peas

  • cultured radishes

  • dilly beans

  • curried hakurei turnips

  • brined dill cucumber pickles ("half sours," "quarter sours," and spicy and Polish dills)

  • sauerkraut (rosemary orange zest, curried, and simple)

  • kimchi (spicy and extra spicy; vegan and traditional; cabbage-based, daikon radish-based, and "kimchickles": cucumbers pickled in kimchi paste)

  • cultured orange ginger beets

  • cultured carrots (with garlic and thyme, garlic and oregano, and ginger and thyme)

  • "Peace pickles" (cultured turnips and beets with garlic and bay leaves, known as torshi left in Hebrew and habees al lift in Arabic)


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Phone: (608) 403-5433

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