Testing Traditional Kimchi

In the process of starting Farment™, I've been doing a lot of recipe testing. Today I made second test batches of two kinds of kimchi.

Kimchi is a spicy traditional Korean fermented vegetable condiment. The most common kind starts with Chinese, or Napa, cabbage. The classic cabbage kimchi, the one most people are referring to when they just say "kimchi," is called tongbaechu kimchi. Just ask Maangchi.

Making traditional kimchi is a multi-step process. There's pulling the cabbage heads apart and salting them; making a sweet rice "porridge" as the baste for the spicy kimchi paste; chopping radishes, carrots, garlic, ginger, scallions, and onions; etc.

But the best part is spreading the spicy, vegetably paste on each leaf in each quarter of cabbage and rolling up each quarter into a "packet" and tucking it away in the crock to ferment.

Today, a friend joined me to help with this part. He did the batch of the vegan variety; I did the batch with fish sauce.

Now there are two more crocks of kimchi fermenting away in the kitchen. Check out those pink and white matchsticks of Beauty Heart radish. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm excited to share some with you when it's finished!

#farment #fermentation #kimchi #tongbaechu #farmtojar #recipetesting #fishsauce #vegan #spicy #cabbage

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