Peas Up, Beans In, Hurdles Leaped

Despite the cold snap (and a little snow!) a couple of weeks ago, pea seedlings are up at the farm and looking good. I brought out the wheel hoe and weeded that bed yesterday to keep them thriving.

I also seeded haricot vert (long, skinny, fancy French green beans) yesterday. Dilly beans, here we come!

I seeded more cabbage, sweet peppers, and cucumbers at the greenhouse shared by Equinix Community Farm and Elderberry Hill Farm, which they've graciously let me share as well (thanks!).

And I've got some Spanish radishes to ferment and play around with pickle recipes (thanks, Eric & Cecilia!), and a pile of sunchokes/jerusalem artichokes from Harmony Valley. So here's to an afternoon of playing with vegetables in the kitchen!

As some of you have heard in more detail, I had a bit of a scare this last week over the process of getting a couple of my fermentation recipes approved. (How much salt is enough? Too much? What type?)

This morning I had a conversation with a scientist who's a nationally-reknowned expert in vegetable fermentation, and he reassured me (and the licensing specialists) that using sea salt and the salt percentages in my processes are just fine. And he was so kind and friendly (thank you!).

So, all in all, I am a happy, grateful Farmenter today!

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