Sign Up to Get Fermented Pickles in a Couple Short Weeks!

If you've already signed up for "The Weekly Pickle," great! If not, and you're interested in seeing what great ferments will emerge from a small farm just outside Madison, sign up now!

I'll be sending out an email soon to coordinate the best pick-up locations in the Madison area.

I've been busy these last few weeks since my last post here, getting the farm going and finalizing my fermentation recipes.

The sugar snap peas are ready to harvest, and as soon as the state gives the final go-ahead, those will go into crocks!

The first official "farments" will be ready late this month.

In the last few weeks, I've seeded and transplanted sugar snap peas, haricot vert, beets, carrots, scallions, nasturtiums (have you ever had pickled nasturtium seed pods?), onions, cucumbers, hot peppers, bell peppers, and more -- with help from my cousin Gwen, my friend Raul, and my mom!

Those peas are growing fast -- the second crop is flowering.

Everything has been moved out of the greenhouse.

The farm is looking good. It got pretty weedy, but I've spent the last few weeks deep in the carrot and beet beds, etc., giving everything room to breath again. And it looks like I will finally be able to get straw mulch tomorrow!

I've continued to try new fermentation recipes.

All of these things have kept me so busy in the last few weeks that I've neglected to keep the blog up-to-date. Thanks for your patience in bearing with me.

I'm excited to begin full production soon!

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